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Estate Planning Guidance That Fits Your Life

At Redder, Bock & Associates, PLLC, we have served clients throughout the Hudson Valley since 1984. Our attorneys offer accurate, honest advice and assistance on will drafting and estate planning. Make sure your estate plan is done right to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Tailor Your Estate Plan To Your Goals

As your attorneys, we will talk to you about your assets, debts and family. We will craft your last will and testament according to how you would like your assets distributed. Then, we will ensure that it is properly executed so the court will honor it when the time comes. Through our assistance, we will ensure that your estate is subject to your wishes, not New York state law.

Your Estate Planning Lawyer For The Years Ahead

An estate plan is more than a will. It can help to reduce taxes, help with wealth preservation and allow you to control how your assets are distributed at your passing. Other features include health care directives and powers of attorney, which can help provide guidance for your health care decisions and legal authority to control your finances.

For example, a living will is a document that allows you to explain your desire for medical intervention if you ever are unable to communicate due to an incapacity from an injury or illness.

Living wills give many of our clients peace of mind that they will never have to go through unwanted medical treatments. As the years pass, your life will likely change, and your estate plan can change along with it.

Our team will help you make amendments to your will and other estate planning documents to reflect your current circumstances and avoid mistakes.

Get Started On Your Estate Plan Today

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